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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Clear Stamp Set Assembly

I just thought I should share with everyone how I put clear stamps sets together. It had only just come to my attention recently that some people were still unsure how to go about it, or were doing it the hard way.
Of course I would still suggest to do whatever works best for you. This works best for me.
Pop all the stamps out of the rubber sheet that they come in.

Peel the paper backing of the outside of the rubber sheet & place it inside the plastic cover.

The sticker sheet comes with a split cut down the middle of each stamp, this helps you take the paper off the image without removing the sticker from the backing sheet.
To begin, peel the paper from the split in the centre. Remove one side then the other.
This maybe done in one step if don't break join at the other end of the split.

If the join breaks & the first side comes away completely, be sure to begin peeling the other half from the centre or split side to remove.

Next peel the paper backing the foam side the rubber stamp, that matches the image of the sticker you've just prepared.

Line up the outline of the stamp with the outline of the sticker. They should be pretty much a perfect match.

Place the stamp directly down on the sticker & press firmly.

Remove the stamp from the sheet.

The image of the sticker should be perfectly in place.

Each stamp you've put together can be put back into its original place in the foam/rubber sheet.

Once all the stamps are assembled, you can pop them all in, like putting a puzzle back together.

This helps to stop the stamps from moving around inside the case. It also helps to see easily if any of the stamps are missing (which can happen quite easily if the stamps are small).
I hope this is helpful to someone, because I know it's helpful for me.

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