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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rag Bag

My second attempt at making one of these bags, & I gotta say I was pretty happy with the result, considering I'm not much of a sewer. But this is probably one of the easiest types of patchwork to do.
This bag was made from Stampin' up Timeless Portrait Fabric & calico with a bit of wadding too.
I cut all the fabric with the stampin' up Scallop Square Die and the Big Shot.
Scallop Square Bag

I didn't bother with pockets, though I think it would probably have been easier  to do than I first thought.

I used all three designs of the fabric, then cut them & the calico with the scallop square die. I cut the wadding with a rotary cutter (like a little pizza cutter).

I layered each square with calico, wading then the patterned fabric.

I sewed a cross on each square to keep them together & create the quilted effect.
I used Black cotton on the top patterned side of each square...

...& Cream cotton on the calico side (in the bobbin).

All my squares with crosses sew on & ready for assembly.

I thought it best to lay all of my squares out to plan their placement before sewing them together. I tried to avoid having any two patterns beside each other, with three design it should work. I used nine squares for the front and back, and three for the sides and bottom. So that a total of 27 squares to make the whole bag, plus handles. 

All finished... but I forgot to take a photo while making the handles...oops.
I also added a strip of wadding inside the handles, it gives you something to grab a  hold of, instead of just a thin piece of fabric, & it makes it feel stronger too. To attach the handles I just tucked the ends into the layers of the squares before sewing a seem around the top of the bag to finish it.

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