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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kids Birthday Cards & Cakes

Lucky (or unlucky) for me, my kids birthdays are two days apart, Jayda on the 8th Augast & Jacob on the10 th. We decided not to have parties this year, which meant we could spend a little more on their presents, but of couse I'll still make them a cake & birthday card. For some reason Jayda chose to have a triple orange cake if you could imagine that, so I gave it a go. Have only made cup cakes for Jacob to take to school so far, but if his birthday cake turns out interesting I'll give you a peek.
Jayda's Orange 11th Birthday Cake

Inside Orange Cake, before sticking the two halves together.

Jayda's 11th Birthday Card
(I spent most of my time on the cake, so this was made the night before her birthday).

Jayda's birthday card close up. I used Crystal Effects on bits of the cakes.

Jacobs 8th Birthday Card.
(This was my first attempt at a magic card, & again made the day before his b'day)

As you pull the tab up, you can see the robot in colour.

I think next time I make one of these cards, I'll plan my measurements a bit better. I only seem to learn from making misstakes.

There he is, little robot up close.
If you'd like to see a tutorial on this card, check out splitcoast stampers 
It a great card to give & a fun card to receive, but a little tricky to make for the first time. But as I always say "practice helps"& Good Luck!

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